Data Center Services

Power Efficiency

For secured data storage, a high and reliable power supply is a pressing priority. Cosuredigital takes charge of supplying adequate power to your data center around the clock. To maintain the data flow in case of disruption, we utilize our backup generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to supply instant power automatically to regulate the connectivity. We serve dense power to your business to bring together AI, cloud, gaming, data analysis, and so on through our power monitoring and management services. Our team of experts regulates the power supply for your untroubled and secure services. We ensure to supervise the temperature of your data centers with compliance to establish a consistent temperature to prevent your data from burning out. 

We collaborate with experts and build data centers with efficient power supply t meet the needs of our clients from various industries. Our engineers carry extensive experience in building data centers with surplus power supplies designed to serve you with uninterrupted services through energy efficiency. We understand the critical position of continuous power supply for an effective business data center and business operations, thus, bringing reliable and energy-saving solutions to reduce the overall downtime of your business services.

Data Center Automation

Automation has turned the tables in the favor of enterprises looking for elevated efficiency and reliability in their operations. With the advancements in the technical world, incorporating automation in the data center is not unusual. We implement automation in the data centers to streamline your business’s operations through server virtualization. We operate several virtual servers through one physical one and lowering down the required amount of physical servers, reducing money spent and saving space. We leverage automation by strengthening backup and recovery and preventing the loss of your end-users data.

Our tech-savvy engineers utilize software like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to automate network setup. Integration of automation in data centers has enabled predictive maintenance by the features of machine learning and predicting failures, reducing downtime, and accelerating security for your business through our automation services in data centers. 


Standardized Security System

With the increase in cyber-attacks and security breaches, the need for a standardized security system is a pressing priority for Cosuredigital. We deploy physical security facilities to prevent your data center from unauthorized access and threats. We have deployed biometric access, high-security personnel, heavy surveillance, and network security through data encryption and two-step authentication systems to strengthen the data center’s security.

We have exceeded our safety measures by following every compliance to help your business meet regulatory and industry guidelines. These compliances include SOC 2, SSAE 16, HIPAA, and PCI DSS to ensure your business’s flourishing legal and safety status.

Apart from above mentioned compliances, we help you provide your data center with strict certificates for their authenticity and high-standard services. Our business and quality assurance professionals assist in getting certificates like ISO 27001, describing your data center’s high-quality confidentiality, privacy, integrity, and security standards to testify your services to your end-users.

Enhancing your Experience with our Remote Hands Services

We have expanded our data center solutions to remote hand services to make accessible expertise to you in every corner. We avail you flexibility with your maintenance services through our remote facilities to help you by contributing to your business operations. Our proficient engineers bring you technical assistance in improving your IT infrastructure effectively. Our remote services involve technical and non-technical maintenance on-demand to support you with equipment installation, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, physical checks of equipment, network testing, and data center management.

Our skilled engineers fix your business’s data center issues in no time letting you resume your operations quickly with no delay. We resolve several technical and non-technical remotely with the help of our professional’s assistance to minimize risk and downtime of your business requisite functioning, bringing prosperity and success to it.


Advantages of our Excellent Data Center Services

Expertise Guidance

With our expertise, we engage in building your brand’s data centers with high power supply, automated technology, standardized security, and remote hand services. These data centers provide your business with the inevitable resources to transform your business’s data centers into a success.

Resolving High Power Requirements

Our high power supply to your data centers supports your business's high power consuming confidential data using multiple pieces of equipment. We integrate cooling systems to enhance your data center’s temperature balance and supply continuous electricity.

Improving Reliability

With plenty of our data center services, we make sure to help you run your data centers smoothly and efficiently. We are determined to develop reliable data centers for our clients hailing from various industries through our constant security measures and the latest technology to boost your IT infrastructure.

Increasing Agility

Our excellent automation and remote hand services integrates flexibility that allows our IT team to be prompt in dealing with your data center-related issues in no time. We deploy the latest automation tools to refine your data processing and infrastructure and assemble new devices to bring efficiency.

Enhancing Compliance

Security is one of the most important factors of a data center that makes it reliable and trustworthy to your business end-users. We ensure to keep your business's crucial data stored should remain confidential and secure. Additionally, we follow certain regulations to standardize your data center's quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Accelerating your Business Operations

We develop your data centers to assure their 24*7 working through our uninterrupted and untroubled services. Cosuredigital serves you the best data center solutions and post-development services, like constant and adequate availability of resources to skyrocket the efficiency of your business operations.

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